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Young Rick

Older Rick

What I looked like back in 1979 while assigned to the 1st Bn. 75th Infantry (Rangers). Hooah! Airborne! Ranger!

What I look like today at age 50. No, I don't wear a uniform around  the house all the time, and that ain't all my awards and certificates behind me.



What my beautiful Italian wife (Silvia Negretti) looked like way back in 1975 when I first met her. Which she wouldn't go out with me until six months later,  because that's how long it took me to charm and win her over. (Age unknown.)

What she looked like about a year later after we were dating. And not  long after this photograph was taken, I proposed, she accepted, and we were married on July 10th 1976. (Age unknown.)

Rick and Silvia

Rick's daughters

What we look like after twenty years of marriage, but not today. I mean...we're still married today but it's not a recent photo of us. (Wife's age still unknown.)

My two daughters Jennifer & Barbara when they were little....




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