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*Note: All my SOS Survival Kits are named strictly "in honor" of elite U.S. Army units & schools and have no connection with the military nor are they endorsed by any of these units or schools.  

Are you a Hunter? Camper? Hiker? Snowmobiler? Mountain Biker? Cross-Country Skier? Kayaker? Pilot? Do you travel often to far away places or spend a lot of time off the road in remote areas?  Are you in the military, or are you planning on joining the military? If you  answered YES to any of these questions then you need an Emergency  Survival Kit.

Hunters need to have survival kits Outdoor skills are vital for campers Pilots needs to know outdoor skills Cross-country skier should have surviving equipments Everyone needs equipments for outdoor survival

Sure, there are lots of survival kits on the market. But many of them contain either poor quality, cheap "junk" or expensive and overrated survival products beyond the average person's survival needs, and budget too!

But not my SOS Survival Kits, they are not only reasonably priced and contain good quality and reliable survival products but they're  backed by my.. "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back" return policy. And all my kits come with the following basic essential items needed in ALL survival situations.

COMPASS - While full size compasses are better than small general direction compasses. You can't pack & carry'em so easily inside a small compact survival kit, can you? Nope. And you know those itty-bitty "button" compasses you see other survival kit sellers selling? Most of them the north seeking needles either don't stay magnetized very long or they're very fragile and break easy. But not mine, they're durable and will guide you in the directions that you need to go, always!
FIRE STARTER - Now I know you've heard of the magnesium fire bar, right? Well the two types of fire starters that come with my kits are called the "Magnesium Flint Fire Stone" and the "Magnesium & Flint Fire Rod." They're thinner, lighter, easier to use and will produce 1,000's of sparks whether they're wet or dirty. Better to have a fire starter that will ignite a fire in all types of weather conditions than one that will only work under ideal sunny & dry conditions. Right? You betcha!
SERRATED KNIFE -  Well of course big knives are better than small knives. Duh? But did you know most survival kit buyers never use the knives that come with their survival kits? It's true! Why? Because like me and many other outdoor enthusiasts, we prefer to carry & use our favorite hunting or camping knife that we've owned for years. And so the knives that come with mine and other survival kits are usually used as "back-up knives" only and nothing more. Make sense, don't it?  
SIGNAL MIRROR - NEW!  I use to give my customers a choice between my 1 x 2 inch "dog tag" signal mirrors or paying a few  dollars more for my 2 x 3 inch folding signal mirrors. Not anymore, now all my SOS Survival Kits come with my folding signal mirror at no extra charge. How bout that? Did you know a signal mirror "without" a peephole sight is easier & faster to use to signal someone for help than a signal mirror with a peephole sight? It's true, no BS!   
Luminous Tornado Whistle
SIGNAL WHISTLE -NEW! Again, I use to give my customers a choice between my aluminum whistles or paying a few dollars more for my Acme Luminous "Tornado" Whistles. Again no longer, now all my SOS Survival Kits come with my Acme Tornado Whistle at no extra charge. Is that a good deal or what? They are not only more durable but louder than most other signal whistles on the market too.  Really! And did I mention they glow-in-the-dark too? Yep, they sure do.
LED FLASHLITE - Ever heard of a Photon Micro-lite? Sure you have. They're a well known, expensive, LED flashlite that come with a squeeze and on & off switch. And according to the manufacturer "..puts out an eye blinding beam of light that will easily illuminate your way through the dark." Wow! What a coincidence, mine too! Except they won't cost you a whopping $10.00 each, about 1/2 the price of my kits because they come with all my SOS Survival Kits.   

SOS WIRE SAW KIT - I am now offering two different types, good quality and top quality wire saws. But only as assemble-it-yourself "tightly rolled" survival saws because they're easier to pack, carry and store in your pocket or pouch. Are they a necessity in a survival situation, do you really need one? That depends, usually the more experience you have in the outdoors, the less survival items you need. But the less experience you have, then the more survival items you'll probably need. It's that simple and entirely up to you. Cost: Good Quality  Saw - $5.00 ea. / Top Quality Saw - $9.00 ea. if ordered with a survival kit, but only 1 per kit.

SOS MINI FISHING & SNARE KIT - Comes with assorted size fish hooks, string, swivel, nylon cord and more. To see how to use some of these items, go to my "Catch & Spear Fish" page. Only $2.50 each if ordered with a survival kit, but only 1 per kit.

Fishing and Snare Kit
Mini water Purification Kit
SOS MINI WATER PURIFICATION KIT - Comes with 4 x Aquatab water purification tablets, 1 x water container/condom. To see how to use these items, go to my "Filter & Purify Water" page. Only $2.50 each if ordered with a survival kit, but only 1 per kit. 
SOS ORANGE DUCT TAPE - Approx 2 inches wide x 15 inches long that can be used in an emergency for marking trails, repair torn clothing, improvised bandage, band-aid and lots more. Unlimited multi-purpose survival uses! Only $2.50 ea. if ordered with a survival kit, but only 1 per kit. 
SOS SIGNAL FLAG - Color: Orange, Size: 12 x 20 inches. Complete with tie-down cord so you can attach it to a stick and used it to wave for help. Only $2.50 ea. if ordered with a survival kit, but only 1 per kit. 
SOS PACE/DISTANCE COUNTER - Used to help keep track & remembering how far you have traveled either in feet & miles or in meters & kilometers to avoid getting lost and traveling too far off course. To learn how to use it military or civilian style, google the words "Pace Counter, How To Use Them." Only $3.75 - $7.00 ea. if ordered with a survival kit, but only 1 per kit. 

My philosophy on personal survival kits is this."If it weighs more than 1 pound not including the knife, it's a camping kit - NOT a survival kit!"

Do all my SOS Survival Kits weigh less than a pound? You betcha they do! And to see what else comes with my SOS Survival Kits, go to my "Wilderness Survival Store" page for a closer look and detail list of items they come with.

Did you know...

If you were to purchase these same or similar survival products somewhere else they would cost you almost twice  the amount of money. Wanna bet? Don't believe me? Ok, then shop around and see for yourself. But after doing some online research, here's the average price  that I found them selling for;

Magnesium/Flint Fire Starter
Folding Serrated Blade Knife
General Direction Compass
Acme Tornado Whistle
2x3 Inch Signal Mirror
LED Flashlight
Wire Saw

NOTE: The prices listed above does NOT include the shipping & handling fees that a seller or store would charge you.

And so go ahead, add it up and see what you get . And if you can find these same or similar survival products cheaper somewhere else, let me know where and I'll be glad to either match their selling price, give you a discount and or throw in a few extra survival kit items Free of Charge! How's that? As Howie Mandell would say... "DEAL or NO DEAL?"

Unlike other survival kit sellers, I DON'T sell & market my kits just to make money. But because I enjoy teaching & helping others to learn about survival. Really! And if you want to read some interesting articles & reviews about my SOS Survival Kits, go to my website page called Rolex Survival Kits & Products and then log onto www.Youtube.com to see what people are saying about my kits too. Check it out!



WIRE SAW - If you're wondering. " Hey Rick, how in the hell are ya suppose to remove that damn wire saw from the rubber tubing and tightly wrapped parachute cord? "

ANSWER: To remove the wire saw from the rubber tubing, all you have to do is just saw right through it and peel it off. It's only there inside the rubber tubing to prevent you from being scratched & cut up while wearing it around your neck. And to remove the parachute cord, just cut it where the two ends are melted together, unravel, bend both ends of the wire saw inward, slip on the split rings and then fasten them in place with the two pieces of wire. (See photo.)

As a general wood cutting rule, you should never cut anything thicker than your wrist or arm. Why? Because the thicker the wood, the shorter the strokes and the more time you'll waste trying to cut through it. And so to save on time, energy, and burning up precious calories, cut only 1/3 to 1/2 way through the wood and then break it the rest of the way with your foot or by slamming it up against a tree or rock. Works for me every time.

And the best way to use a wire saw is to attach some parachute cord or insert two pieces of wood through the split rings so you can grasp it better. Or another technique that works well is to attach the wire saw to a sturdy, curved, wooden stick so it can be used as a handsaw.

COMPASS -  Just to give you a fast crash course on how to use one... (a) Place the compass in the palm of your hand, (b) hold it level with the ground so the magnetic needle can move freely, (c) look down at the compass, (d) determine which direction you want to travel in, (e) pick out a distinctive feature in that direction such as a tree, rock, mountain top, etc, (f) and begin walking towards it. Then when you arrive at that destination, repeat these same steps over and over until you arrive at where you wanna go.

Now if you're wondering .. "Damn Rick, if I'm lost, how in the hell am I suppose to know which way to go?"

ANSWER: Well if you're "that lost." Instead of wandering around in circles like a damn idiot, just pick any direction and use the compass to keep yourself orientated in that direction until you find, bump into, or come across a road, trail, creek, etc, that will usually lead you back to civilization. Or better yet, climb the nearest & tallest tree or hilltop to see if you can spot civilization anywhere like roads, houses, power lines, etc. And if you do, just determine what direction it's in from your present location and get a moving before sun down or you're gonna spend the night out in the boonies.

SIGNAL MIRROR: Provided you've got sunlight and LOTS of it too... All you have to do is (a) hold the mirror in one hand near your cheek, (b) extend the other arm forward, palm facing you and form a "V" with your index & middle finger, (c) then place the target (a helicopter, airplane, ship, etc) in between these two fingers and (d) reflect the sunlight first onto your arm and then up, into and between the "V" and your rescuers should see it.
SIGNAL WHISTLE: Now I'll bet most of ya think you know how to use a whistle, right? And I'll bet some of you think it's a worthless piece of poop, right? Well did you know a whistle can be heard a lot further away than a scream? And no matter how many times you blow into it you can't wear it out? And did you know three (3) short bursts means someone needs help? And that it also can be used to scare away wild vicious animals too? I'll bet most of ya didn't know this, did ya? And guess what else? The Acme Tornado that come with all my survival kits glow in the dark too. Which means you shouldn't have any problems seeing where you placed your survival kit after sundown. Need I say more? 

MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTERS: Depending on which survival kit you order and which fire starter it comes with...

Magnesium Flint Fire Stone - To use, place some dry tinder on the ground, place the fire stone next to it and then vigorously run the steel striker or your knife across it to create a shower of sparks to ignite the tinder. 


Magnesium & Flint Fire Rod -To use, first try igniting the tinder the same way that I just mentioned above by using just the flint side of the fire rod. And if you can't ignite it, no problem. Then just scrape a few shavings from the "magnesium side" of the fire rod into a small tight pile next to your tinder, place one end of the fire rod on the ground next to these shavings. Then take the steel striker or your knife and run it along the "flint side" of the fire rod to create a shower of sparks over and on top of the magnesium shavings and presto - You Got FIRE! 

NIGHT SIGNALING TIP: Should you need to signal someone for help at night, like a low flying aircraft, nearby ship or a ground search party, you can use these fire starters as a signaling device too. All you gotta do is strike the "flint side" once every 2-3 seconds and it'll produce a "white bright flash" similar to a small battery operated strobe light.


QUESTIONS? Should you have any questions or you need to contact me for any reason, please be patient as I do not sit in front of my computer 24/7/12 waiting for email messages . And so if you don't hear back from me within 24-72 hours, please don't assume I am ignoring you or I took your money and ran to Switzerland with it. Running this online store & website is only a hobby and part-time business for me and not a full time job. But rest assured I will try my best to get back to you within 24 hours or less unless I am away from home, extremely busy, it's a weekend or an American / Italian holiday which is when my computer is " off " like me. Email: sossurvivalkits@live.com

DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances can the seller (Army Ranger Rick F. Tscherne) be held liable for any injuries, deaths, property damage and or criminal misconduct due to carelessness, improper assembly, misuse and or abuse on the part of the buyer. When you purchase my survival kits, products and books you are automatically agreeing to use them at your own risk and will accept full responsibility and liability for the use, transfer and or resale. If you are not willing to accept these terms & conditions then please do NOT order my products.

SAFETY WARNING: If you weigh less than 100 lbs and or you do not have full physical use of both your hands and arms my SOS Necklace "breakaway safety chain" may fail to come apart if worn on the outside of a shirt. Therefore to avoid possible injuries, being choked or strangled, always wear the necklace underneath the shirt and never on the outside.




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