Military Survival Training

Military Survival Training

US Military Survival Training Italy

If you've been searching the net in looking for some military survival training here in Italy , you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of programs designed to teach you the necessary skills in how to survive & thrive in the outdoors, no experience required!

Military Survival Training

BASIC MILITARY/OUTDOOR SURVIVAL is a course designed for students who want realistic training in learning how down pilots and special ops soldiers survive in the outdoors. Everything issued for this training is mostly all US military equipment, compasses, knives, survival vests, parachutes, etc. Students will learn how to assemble their own survival kit, erect different types of shelters, start fires, collect, filter & purify water, spear fish, trap game, signal for help, how to determine directions without a compass and other important survival skills. And we offer two programs, one for US military (active duty) personnel and the other for DOD (civilian) personnel:

BASIC LAND NAVIGATION is a program for students who want to learn how to use a map & compass to navigate across terrain. Skill Level I teaches how to use a compass, read a topographic map, identify terrain features, plot grid coordinates, determine azimuths, locate known & unknown positions and much more. Skill Levels II is putting everything you learned in Skill LeveI I to use by negotiating a 16 kilometer / 96 point land navigation course. If you wish to attend both these programs (I & II) back-to-back, then we suggest you choose our 24 hour land navigation class. Which we will not only cover skill levels I & II but some other tips, tricks & techniques in how to successfully navigate across terrain.


Do you like to hunt, camp, hike, mountain bike, kayak, cross-country ski and or spend a lot of time off the road in remote areas? Do you travel often to far away exotic places? Do you work for an agency or organization that provides humanitarian relief, emergency assistance and rescue? Are you in the military or are you planning on joining the military? Have you ever thought about taking some basic outdoor survival classes but you just didn't know where to look for this training?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then SOS Italia-USA is for YOU!

Our programs are NOT crash courses, we teach "strictly the basics." As our goal is to provide you the best possible military survival training at an affordable price through a series of classes conducted on the weekends and weekdays too. For some, our programs will be closest you will ever come to being in the military or a wilderness outdoor environment. For others, such as those who enjoy being in the outdoors, you will learn many useful and valuable survival skills that can only be acquired from a wilderness survival school or by attending a US military special ops training course.  

Rest assured we won't waste your time teaching you something you don't want to learn or doesn't work. We'll teach you only the skills and techniques that have been tried, tested and proven to work similar to what soldiers are taught in US Army Special Forces and Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape (S.E.R.E) school.

And so if you can't afford the time and money to attend one of the many excellent wilderness survival schools in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom then SOS Military Survival Training is for you. We promise you'll not only find our programs interesting and educational, but fun too!

These are how our programs are organized and set up:

Survival Awareness Training (SAT) - U. S. Military Personnel Only - 3 Hours
Survival Awareness & Hands-On Training (SAHT) U.S. Military Personnel Only - 6 Hours
SOF 24 Hour Survival Training - U.S. Military Personnel Only - 24 Hours
Basic Military/Outdoor Survival - Day Courses - 8 Hours
Basic Military/Outdoor Survival - Weekend courses - 24 Hours
Basic Land Navigation - Skill Level I & II - 2, 6 & 8 hour day class
Basic Land Navigation - Skill Level I & II - 24 hour overnight weekend class


Provided you:
(a) schedule the class at least 30 days out in advance on a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday.

(b) minimum of 15 / maximum of 42 soldiers must agree to attend the class

(c) contact us via email: or Cel: 347-3435029

When you have decided which programs you would like to attend, send us an email or give us a call and either let us know when you would like these classes to be given. Or we'll let you know when the next classes will be conducted. We will also need; (a) your email address so we can keep you informed of any up dates, (b) how many students will be attending our training, (c) where you live or where you are coming from so if you live far away we can provide you some assistance in finding a hotel or campsite during your stay.


We also offer the following;

Private Group Classes - Depending on the size of your group and where you want the training to be conducted, if you can't come to us - we'll try to bring the training to you.

Group Class

Demos - Does your school, club, organization or business need some entertainment for a special upcoming event? We can provide you hours of entertainment demonstrating the many skills that are required in a wilderness survival situation.


Special Programs for Boy/Girl Scouts - Provided your scoutmaster or unit contacts us, we can put together a "special training program" just for you and your scouts, pack or unit.

Special Programs

" Knowledge and training we can give you, experience we can't, that you will have to acquire on your own by practicing the skills we teach you."

Should you have any questions about anything you see here on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us at: 347-343-5029 or email:

So what are you waiting for, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to seeing you in some of our classes soon.

Army Ranger Rick F. Tscherne

US Army, Retired (1972-93)
Author, The Ranger Digest Series I-IX
Developer, SOS Survival Kits
Owner, Survival Outdoor Skills.Com



Note: The survival classes & prices listed below are for those who are not in the US military but instead American or Italian civilans. Or US military personnel who do not wish to coordinate & organize some FREE outdoor survival class & training for their unit.   

Programs: * Price listed below is strictly US military pers.

No. Pers

Class Length


Survival Awareness Training (SAT) - Price includes a survival kit, no meals.


3-4 Hrs

$35 USD

Survival Awareness & Hands-On Training (SAHT) - Price includes a survival kit, no meals.


6-8 Hrs

$55 USD

SOF 24 Hour Survival Training - Price includes a survival kit, no meals.


24 Hrs

$80 USD

Programs: * 50% Off for all US milt AD personnel


Class Length


Basic Military / Outdoor Survival - Price includes training + equipment + lunch.* US milt AD pers - price does not include a lunch meal.  


8 Hrs

75 Euro *($55)

Basic Military / Outdoor Survival - 24 hr Course - Price includes training + equipment + lunch & dinner . * US milt pers - price does not include a lunch & dinner meal.  


24 Hrs

150 Euro *($110)

Programs: * 50% Off the listed price for all US milt pers.


Class Length


Land Navigation - Skill Levels I & II, separate 2 x 8 hours day courses - Price includes training + equipment + lunch. * US milt pers - price does not include a lunch meal.  


8 Hrs

75 Euro *($55)

Land Navigation - Skill Level I & II - Combined 24 hour course -
Price includes training + equipment + meals. * US milt pers - price does not include a lunch & dinner meal.  


24 Hrs

150 Euro *($110)





NOTE: The prices listed above is per person. And only those students attending SAT, SAHT and SOF Survival Training will receive one of these survival kits to keep, see below.

Ops Necklace Key Chain

US Air Force & Marine Corp personnel stationed here in Italy, you are also eligible for this training and discount price too. And if you can't come to us we'll try to bring the training to you.

Frequently Asked Questions..

What type of survival training do you teach?

We teach mostly "modern survival" along with some primative survival techiques too. The difference is "modern survival" is learning how to survive in the outdoors with a limited amount of items you pack and carry in a survival kit. Primative survival is learning how to survive with nothing but your bare hands and whatever mother nature provides you, rocks, trees, plants, water, etc.

Where do you teach your survival training?

We have several training areas, one is located just outside the city of Vicenza , another is located up in the Asiago mountains and one of our newest training areas is locate at Lugagnano D'Arda (Parco Provinciale) where ROBERTO LORENZANI's Adventure Academy is located. When you register for a program we will provide you further information such as how and where to meet us for this training.

Can I bring some of my own survival gear to the training?

No, everyone will be issed and train with the same exact equipment. Do NOT bring any of your own survival gear or you will be told to leave it in your car. And depending on the course you chose, below are some photos of just some of the training equipment you will be issed and use.


Can I bring my softair gun on the overnite training programs?

No, we are NOT teaching battle drills & tactics, we are teaching land navigation, emergency first aid, and basic military survival but WITHOUT any weaponry. So do NOT bring any softair guns to our training or you will be told to leave it in your car. Absolutely NO softair guns!

May I bring my son or daughter with me?

Provided your son or daughter is at least 13 years old and you pay for their program fees, yes, they are welcome to attend our training. If they are not 13 years old or older, they will NOT be permitted to attend our training. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to attend our training without a parent or guardian being present, and everyone's identification will be checked prior to the training too. By the way, WOMEN ARE WELCOME to attend our training too.

Do I need to bring any documents with me?

Yes, you must bring a valid US military/DoD identification card.

Do I need to bring any food or beverages with me?

Depends, some program fees include a lunch & beverages for the day courses and lunch, dinner & beverages for the overnite courses. And some program fees don't include any meals or beverages at all, which you will have to bring your own food and beverages with you.

Do I need to bring any special clothing, footgear or other items with me?

You may wear whatever you like, but we strongly recommend you wear either hiking shoes or military boots and no tennis shoes. For our overnite training and day land navigation courses you will need to bring extra socks and a change of clothing along with your toiletries, (soap, toothbrush, towel, toilet paper, etc).

What if it rains or the weather forecast calls for rain, will training continue?

We would like to see training continue but unfortunately too many students in the past have either called in and canceled or they just didn't bother to show up. Therefore for our day courses, if it's raining or if it's going to rain, training will be canceled and rescheduled for another day. For our overnite training, if it's raining or if the weather forecast calls for rain, we will cancel the training and reschedule it for another day or weekend. But if it's sunny or cloudy and it begins to rain once training has started, we will continue on with the training as planned .

Our unit, club or organization is interested in attending some of your programs, what do we have to do to coordinate this training?

First, we need to know how many individuals are interested in attending our training. Second, where do you want this training to be conducted at? And third, when do you want this training? Once you have provided us this information is when we can let you know if we can accommodate your request or if you need to pick another set of training dates.



No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to attend our training without a parent or legal guardian present.


No hunting & trapping is permitted during training, it's not only prohibited, but against the Italian law too.


No fires will be built without specific guide lines and permission, and all trash will be policed up, removed and never buried.


No live tree cutting nor flower picking is permitted, only dead trees & flowers can be cut and picked.


No personal weapons, guns or knives are allowed to brought to training, they are prohibited.


No softair guns are allowed to be brought to training, they are also prohibited.


No alcoholic beverages will be consumed before nor during training.


No cellular phones will be turned on while training is being conduted, only during breaks.


No "non-Italians" will be permitted to attend our training except for US military & civilian personnel stationed or residing in Italy .

We are NOT para-military instructors.
We do NOT teach weapons, explosives & self defense.
We do NOT teach battle drills or combat tactics.
We will NOT tolerate hostile & aggressive behavior.

Anyone who fails to obey or comply with our rules will be expelled from our training.

WARNING: There will be no special treatment given to anyone regardless of their race, rank, religion or gender. And so if you have a desire to learn and can work well with others as a "team" and you have a good sense of humor too, you are more than welcome to attend our training. If not - STAY HOME!



Pictured below is what you can expect to receive and eat when you attend our training.

Survival & Land Navigation Training Meals

* US Military & DoD Personnel: Your discount price does NOT include any meals, you will either have to bring your own meal or  pay extra for it, your choice.

Day Courses / 8 Hours - For lunch you will be issued either hot dogs or hamburgers, a bag of chips, soda and or water. Which you are required to cook this meal yourself over an open fire or inside a military ammo can like the one shown in the picture. Note: There is only a 30 minute lunch break, which is why you are issued a non-survival meal that can be cooked and consumed quickly so we can continue on with training.

Overnight Courses / 24 Hours - For Lunch you will be issued either oriental rice or oriental spaghetti, dried beef jerky (ready-to-eat meat) and a bag of sweets. For dinner you will be issued either a raw rabbit, chicken or fish along with a vegetable, which you will be required to cook these meals yourself over an open fire.

Note : Due to severe restrictions & penalties we are not allowed to hunt nor trap any game in Italy - It's against the law! Therefore we have no choice but to provide you an uncooked survival meal similar to the type of game or fish you would hunt, trap or fish in a remote wilderness environment.

Meal 1

Meal 2

Meal 3

Meal 4

Meal 5

Meal 6

NOTE: You do not have a choice of meals, what we issue is what you get to eat, though you may exchange meals with other students. MREs are only available to non-military students who are attending our Basic Military Survival Training Programs. Do not ask to be issued MREs nor are they for sale.

EDIBLE PLANTS: We do NOT teach this topic because there are too many edible [and non-edible] plants worldwide and we just don't have the time to cover this subject. Though other survival schools do teach this, but mostly about edible & non-edible plants located in their training area. If you travel often to foreign countries, it's best to learn about other countries edible & non-edible plants from the people who live there or in that particular region.

Past Courses:

Pictures from our previous classes.

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