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Neck - Belt - Shoulder - SOS Survival Kit

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View of Kit Components Kit with Strap

Here ya go boys & girls, I guarantee ya won't find a more useful, multi-purpose, lightweight survival kit than this, developed by yours truly "Army Ranger Rick." And the best thing about it is you can put together this kit yourself and it weighs just 16 ozs. Really!

The Carrying Case - It's one of those nylon "neck wallets" that you can purchase from almost any military/outdoor supply store. All I did was slightly modify it by sewing in two 4 inch pieces of paracord to the back side of it so you can wear it on your belt. And another 6 foot piece of paracord across the top so that you can either wear it across your shoulder or around your waist. And if necessary, you can remove it in a survival situation to make yourself a "fire bow" or a "hunting bow." Smart, huh?

And here's what I was able to pack & stuff inside of it, but I gotta warn you it wasn't easy.

1 -  Small Compass - General direction type.

2 - Emergency Space Blanket  - Lighweight, pocket type.      

3 - Emergency Poncho -  Lightweight, pocket type.

4 Signal  Whistle  - Any type will do.

5 - Wire Saw   - BCB International.

6 - Signal Mirror - One or three piece type.

7 - Pocket Knife - Folding type, w/serrated blade.

 8 LED Flashlight - Extra batteries attached to it with tape. 

 9 - Orange Duct Tape - 30 inches, used for marking trails, first aid bandage, etc.  

10 - Magnesium & Flint Fire Starter - Remove the metal striker and use the knife to strike the flint side to start your fires. 

11 - Orange Plastic Shelter  - This is a 7 x 2.5 foot trash bag used for leaves that can be cut up and used to make a shelter, rain poncho or us it for signaling.  
12 - Paracord Inner Strands - Minimum 100 ft, use as fishing line, tie-down, erecting shelters, snares, traps, etc

13 July 4 th Roman Candle  -  Modified, cut down & sealed in wax to keep it waterproof along with 3 x"Strike Anywhere" matches. 

14 - Condoms & Purification Tablets - 2 x condoms &  8 x water purification tablets

15 - Thick Rubber Bands - When attached together they can be used to make an improvised weapon such as a sling-shot, spear gun or cross bow.

16 - Orange Toy Punching Balloon - Can be used when blown up as a signaling device and as an improvised flotation device too.  

17 - Snare Kit - 12 x feet of wire along with 5 mini split rings and or swivels for making animal traps & snares   

18 - Fishing Kit - 20 x feet of fishing line, 6 x assorted hooks, swivels and 5 x screw eyelets for making an improvised fishing pole or setting up a trout line.  

19 - Cement Nails -  Assorted sizes, used to make fishing and hunting spears, arrow heads, etc.   

20 - Band Aids - For first aid uses

21 - Pencil Sharpener - Use it to make "paper  thin" tinder sheets for starting fires.

22 - Trick Birthday Candle - Once lite, can't blow it out, great for starting fires when it's windy.

23 - Wet Ones  - For cleaning cuts, injuries and can be used  for igniting fires too.  

NOTE: Feel free to share this do-it-yourself survival kit idea with others, provided you let'em know where you got it from, yours truly "Army Ranger Rick" at www.SurvivalOutdoorSkills.com



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SMA Survival Kit
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