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Now listen up guys & gals because what I'm about to teach you will not only save you money but some blood, sweat and tears too. Take a look at these two handsaws that I'm holding here in my hands and tell me which one would you prefer to use.


I'll bet you chose the big saw, right? Why? Because the teeth are larger and it's longer in length, thus allowing you to take longer strokes and cut faster through wood, right? You betcha! Ok, now let's take a look at some survival wire saws and again tell me which one would you prefer to use.

Saws 2 Blades

Did you choose "B" the one with the larger teeth? I'll bet you did, didn't you? Well when it comes to wire saws, larger teeth doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna cut faster and smoother. It depends on the type of teeth, what the saw is made of and where it was manufactured, in China, England or the USA. How do I know so much about wire saws? Well one day I decided to purchase and test as many different types of wire saws that I could find on the market, especially on eBay.com to see which ones are the best. And here's what I discovered.


A - Commando Wire Saws are made in England and are genuine British Army Special Air Service (SAS) issued wire saws.
B - Genuine GI Issue Wire Saws are made in China, not in America, nor are they standard GI / US military issued wire saws.
C - Surgical Wire Saws are hospital instruments used by doctors & surgeons for amputating arms, feet and other body parts.
D - Spyral Saws are saws designed for use on high speed, 5,000 rpm moving electic saws for cutting wood, metal, aluminum, etc.

Wire Saw
Surgical Sawl
Saw Blade


Genuine GI Wire Saws are neither GI nor US military issued saws but instead some seller falsely advertising it as a "genuine" US military issued wire saw. Though they may look rugged and sharp, they don't cut very well nor smoothly and quite often get jammed & stuck in the wood and sometimes break. Note: During my 21 years in the Army I have never seen nor used one of these so call "genuine" military issued saws, nor have I ever seen anyone else in the Army using them. So are they genuine or GI Issued? If they are, they must only be issued to the "jarhead" Marines and their sister Navy seabees, not the Army.

Surgical Wire Saws that I have acquired and tested did not have any teeth but instead were coiled or twisted strands of wire. I don't know how well they can cut human bone, but when I tried to cut some small pieces of wood the wire strands & coils kept breaking on me. Ouch! And so I hope they can cut human bone a lot better than they do wood because they suck as wood cutters.

Spyral Saws are twisted strands of wire and will cut right through wood like butter but only when they're attached to a high-speed 5,000 rpm moving electric band, reciprocating or scroll saw. But then when some low-life scumbag eBay seller is cutting these spyral wire saws into 18-24 inch pieces, attaching some parachute cord to the ends and selling them as [so call] survival saws...they suck! So buyers beware, watch out for these scumbag sellers.

Commando / SAS Wire Saws are without a doubt the best survival saws on the market because they're rugged, tough, strong, sharp and fast cutting. They are made out of rust-proof stainless steel and will cut easily through wood, plastic, bone, ice, rubber and soft metals too. And they're not only used by the British Special Air Service (SAS), but by our US Army Special Forces, Rangers, Navy SEALs and other services too. Which is why I selected this wire saw for my survival kits too. If it's good enough our US Special Operation Forces, then it's gotta be good. Don't ya think? Sure!

I recently developed a new type of wire saw that I call a "TIGHTLY ROLLED SURVIVAL SAW KIT." They come complete with a wire saw, two split rings, some pieces of wire and some parachute cord. It's not designed to be used right away like a fully assembled & ready-to-use wire saw. You must first assemble it by (a) removing the parachute cord from around the wire saw by cutting it where the two ends are melted together, (b) unwrap the paracord, (c) unroll and straighten out the wire saw, (d) bend both ends of the wire saw inward, (e) slide on the split rings, (f) secure the split rings in place with the enclose two pieces of wire, (g) cut the paracord into two separate pieces and (h) secure them to the split rings. Or you can slide a wooden stick through each split ring so you can grasp and hold onto it better. Is this high-speed or what? To order it just go to Wilderness Survival Store page or my ORDER FORM page.

Rolled up Saw
Assembled Saw
Ready-to-Use Wire Saw
My Tightly-Rolled-Up Wire Saw kit and what it looks like..
...when fully assembled.
Cut Using a Saw
Bow Saw

Here's a neat handy-dandy tool you can also make, I call it my Army Ranger Rick Multi-Purpose Handsaw.  What you need is...

1 x Saw Bade - the type used for cutting small trees & branches.  
1 x Piece of 550 Parachute Cord - or other type of nylon cord.
1 x Fiberglass Tent Pole - must have metal adapter on one end.
1 x Narrow Bolt - complete w/ wing nut & washer.
4 x Circular D-Rings - the type used for attaching & carrying keys.
2 x Pieces of Wood -  6 x 1 x  ¾   inches in length.

Most of these items can be purchased from almost any hardware store, and when you have acquired them study the photos below.

Saw Blade
Light Duty
Light-Duty Saw
2 Person
Two-Person Saw
Heavy Duty
Heavy-Duty Saw

My multi-purpose handsaw can be used in three different ways, check it out.


Rick 2

Rick 3


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