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Bardolino - Lake Garda - Italy

Where I Live, What To Do Here, Rentals and More..


Ok, so I can't really legally rent out this mini basement apartment of mine also known as the "bunker"here in Bardolino. But I can ask for a "donation" of $30 a person per day or $70 for three people. Provided you (a) you are not an excessive drinker (boozer) nor a party hell raiser, (b) don't mind sleeping on a cot (no beds), (c) bring your own linen, sleeping bag or poncho liner and (d) do not bring nor invite inside my "bunker" any guests whatsoever. Fair enough? *Note: This offer is only for US Military / DoD ID card holders only, sorry no children allowed.

Here's what my basement mini apartment (the bunker) looks like inside and just a 5 minute walk from the lake and the center of Bardolino.



What Is There To Do Out Here

On Lake Garda & Bardolino?

Hell, to me Lake Garda is a hellova lot better place to go and hangout than Jesolo Beach and the US Armed Forces Recreation Resort of Garmisch - Germany. As it's only an hour away by car or train from Vicenza verses 4 or 5 hours from AFRC Garmisch and 90+ minutes from Jesolo Beach. + Plus there is a hellova lot more to do out here too.

For example...there are about 40+ campsites and 1,000+ hotels and bed & breakfasts, 10+ x castles, 10+ x amusement parks, 10+ x golf coures & driving ranges, 10+ x discotecs (3 alone just in Bardolino), 100+ nite clubs & music bars. And clean "non-salty" water with lots of places where you can rent a boat without a license, go wind surfing, water skiing, kayaking, scuba & snorkeling, mountain biking, rock & cliff climbing, treking & hiking, tandom paragliding and MORE.

And for all you single soldiers...there are LOTS of single girls (and guys too) from ALL OVER EUROPE who speak pretty good english. In fact, here on Lake Garda English is the second most spoken language followed by German. And so if you're single and you can't make some new friends and pick up a girl (or guy) out here on the lake, then there has to be something wrong with you because Amercians out here are pretty well liked and welcomed.

And so take it from me, an underdog who is and never was a good lookng guy, just plain looking. If I can smile, chat and make new friends easily out here as an old broke-dick ugly Ranger - so can you! And so think about what I said and what I am offering you, ok! Airborne, All The Way! But..Rangers Lead The Way! Hooah!

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