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Welcome to my Wilderness Survival Skills website! Now that you have decided to stick around, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm "US Army Ranger Rick" Tscherne, born in New York City (1954) later moved (1963) to Berwick (PA) with my parents until I reached the age of 17 when I decided to quit school to join the US Army. And of the 21 years, I served in the military, I spent 13 years living outside CONUS in Italy, Germany and Korea. (Note: 10 of the 13 years were done voluntarily.)

As a former US Army Ranger, Drill Instructor and Advisor/Trainer to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Army (1996-97) under the US State Department "Train & Equip Program". I have always enjoyed sharing with soldiers my personal experiences, tips, tricks and ideas in how to survive & thrive in the outdoors. And although I've been retired from the United States Army since January 1993, I am still doing what I like best - teaching & training soldiers. But not in a class room but through a series of books called THE RANGER DIGESTS.

Now before I decided to self-publish these books I use to forward all my tips, tricks and ideas to the Department of the Army. But the only thing I ever received back were letters saying, "...sorry, not feasible for military outdoor field conditions." Well since the Army wasn't interested in my ideas, I then decided to write a book about my tips & tricks and try to market them to the troops myself.  After all, when it comes to "common sense" and "field craft ingenuity" the troops know more about this stuff than some "chair-borne" colonel or general sitting behind his nice cozy desk at the Pentagon . You know what I mean? 

And guess what? Yep, my instincts proved to be right on target. Not only did the troops love my first Ranger Digest but they also helped me to write my Ranger Digests II thru IX. No doubt it was a blessing in disguise that these chair-borne colonels and generals did reject my tips & tricks or there wouldn't be a Ranger Digest series (I-IX) today. And now, not only do I write and self publish my own military-outdoor survival books but I sell my own survival kits too. And I love it, I love putting these kits together because I know someday they could save someone's life - YOURS!. To learn more about my survival kits and some other products, just click on my  Survival Kits and  Store & Stuff page .

Well I guess by now you're anxious to see what kind of wilderness survival tips & kits I have here on my website, aren't ya? Sure you are! But before you check'em out I have just one little itty-bitty favor to ask of you. And that is if you like what you see here on my Survival Outdoor Skills website I hope you will spread the word and let others know about it too. Will you do that for me? Please?

US Army Ranger's Military Background

Military Qualifications: Successfully graduated from the US Army's elite Airborne, Ranger, Jumpmaster, Drill Instructor, Jungle Warfare, Small Arms Weapon Repair Schools and graduated on the “Commandant's List” from the US Army's Advance NCO Academy. My foreign schools and training include the French and Belgium Army Para-Commando Schools and the Italian Army Airborne School.

Military Awards: US Army Ranger Tab, Master Parachutist Wings, Drill Instructor Badge, Expert Rifleman Badge, Jungle Expert Patch, 1 x Army Commendation Medal, 5 x Army Achievement Medals, 3 x Meritorious Service Medals, 4 x Overseas Service Ribbons and an assortment of other awards & ribbons. My foreign awards include the French and Belgiun Army Commando Badges and the Belgian and Italian Army Parachutist wings.

Duty Positions: Served as a rifleman, machine gunner, RTO, recon scout, small arms repairman, cold weather warfare instructor, Drill Instructor, recon gun jeep team leader, anti-tank section leader, Airborne & Ranger platoon sergeant, S3 Bn Ast Operation Sergeant and G3 War Plans Division Ast Operation Sergeant.


1 st Bn 87 th Inf. (Mech) Germany 1 st   Bn 31 st Inf. (Mech) Korea
1 st Bn 509 th ABCT (Abn) Italy  3 rd Bn 325 th Inf. (Abn) Ft.Bragg
1 st Bn 75 th Inf. (Rangers) HAAF Drill Instr. A-4-3  Ft. Dix, NJ 

Promotions: Though rapidly promoted and achieved the rank/grade of Sergeant First Class / E-7 with only eight and half (8.5) years time in service (TIS). I declined my DA/Pentagon promotion to Master Sergeant / E-8 and instead chose to retire from active duty to publish my own military training manuals and to market my SOS Survival Kits.

Biography: I'm happily married to Silvia Negretti, have two grown daughters (Barbara and Jennifer), two grandsons (Alan & Jaden Love), live in Italy and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, downhill skiing and live on Lake Garda - Italy.

In September 1996, I was contacted by Military Professional Resources Inc (MPRI) to provide assistance in training the Bosnian & Herzegovina (Muslim) Army under the US State Department approved "Train & Equip Program."

My most noteworthy accomplishments while assigned to MPRI Task Order 7-3 as an instructor & advisor;

* Designed and developed numerous training aids not only for his own task order team but for other too, including some Bosnian (Muslim) army units.

* Trained small groups of Bosnian (Muslim) leaders in his off duty time in how to plan, organize and conduct recons, raids, ambushes and other basic patrolling tactics.

* Prior to his daily scheduled classes, began each class with his " Ranger - Rick's Tips & Tricks" which became popular and well received by the Bosnian students.

* Tasked twice by his superiors to develop a land navigation training course which would not have been possible nor successful had he not purchased all the numerous US military lensatic compasses out of his own pocket.

* Developed a special study guide for his students so they could put together their own training handbook from various classes he was assigned to teach.

* Rewarded students who actively participated in his classes with small gifts such as pocket compasses, camouflage paint sticks, map protractors, etc, all purchased out of his own pocket.

And out of the seventeen MPRI instructors assigned to Task Order 7-3;

1) Four instructors were assigned 25% more classes than other thirteen task order instructors, Ken XXXXXX, Dave XXXXXXXXX, Steve XXXXX and Rick Tscherne

2) Only four instructors were willing to "lead by example" and “walk alongside their students in hazardous terrain,” Steve XXXXX, Ken XXXXXX, Dave XXXXXXXXX, and Rick Tscherne.

3) Only two instructors were willing to remain “out in the field with their assigned unit at all times,” Phil XXXXXX and Rick Tscherne.

4) During a joint training meeting between MPRI company VIPs and a Bosnian Army Brigade Commander and his staff, two instructors were requested "by name" to accompany their unit out in the field, Frank XXXX and Rick Tscherne.

Well thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll come back again later on when I have posted some more survival tips here. Enjoy the site, take care and God bless.

Your Ranger Buddy,

"Army Ranger Rick " F. Tscherne

U.S. Army, Retired (1972-93)
Author, The Ranger Digest Series I-IX
Developer, SOS Survival Kits
Owner, Survival Outdoor Skills

PS: Due to banging heads with the National Wildlife Federation I can no longer use the name "Ranger Rick ." Why? Well according to the NWF and their lawyer, yep they hired a lawyer to go after me. They claim they own the name "Ranger Rick" and have a registered trademark on it, which is also the name of their NWF kiddie magazine too. I tried to fight'em really I did, but after they threaten to take me to court and sue me, I had no choice but to offer them a compromise. And so they agreed I could go by the name of  “Army Ranger Rick” instead. Oh well, what can I say, I got my butt kicked and lost my original nick-name to a damn raccoon cartoon. Screw you Ranger Rick! Everyone who visits my site here will know which of us is the real RANGER and it ain't you fuzzball. So kiss my @ss.


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